How green is your electric car?

Undoubtedly we are programed to think -where there’s no smoke, there can’t be fire; and all is good, right?

Well, recently I saw the Oatmeal comic about how proud the creator was of his recently purchased Tesla Model-S. Amazing car no doubt and every hip, early-adopter’s dream.
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06. June 2014 by dmustafic
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Apple CarPlay is not Connected Car

For some time now I have been following the trends in automotive technology closely, in particular network connectivity and mobile ecosystems. Just recently I saw the page for Apple CarPlay and for one I’m glad the Cupertino mogul has announced its candidacy in the race.
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04. March 2014 by dmustafic
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How to create an Enterprise UI Toolkit

Many large organizations and enterprises (yes, even Apple) fall short when it comes to keeping their digital products in sync in terms of standards, usability and the overall experience. This is not to say that smaller companies have better resources -on the contrary- I have come to witness that large organizations have much more insight in security and accessibility, and much tighter release management with zero tolerance for failure. Smaller tech startups have the luxury of neglecting certain audience types that could stand in the way of rapid development process.

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27. October 2013 by dmustafic
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Context-Aware Adaptive Content Platform

Many content management tools, platforms or frameworks come with massive value-add bloatware that for the most part goes underutilized and in turn just causes performance issues. ATG, CQ, SAP, SharePoint all sound good on paper and are easy to “sell” as feature-rich products, but in reality massively underutilized, modified to support last year’s business objectives, used in a wrong but familiar way as glorified versions of the preceding tool deemed unsatisfactory.

Added inconvenience is caused by the availability of WYSIWYG or Drag & Drop editing capabilities that give non-technical resources the ability to create (code) web pages, but cause more harm than good, and create massive markup overhead.

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15. October 2013 by dmustafic
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Responsive vs. Responsible Design

Responsible design seems to be a buzzword lately, so I thought I’d share my $0.2 on the subject. I wrote about it before, but lately I don’t think its as complex as we all thought it’d be. There is a lot of smart solutions out there that seem like a good fit for a blog-type of website, but when you deal with online applications that often have multiple stakeholders involved it gets tricky…
Imagine saying to the marketing manager that the ads need to go away, or telling social media team that you are replacing share component with built-in device sharing capabilities.

To me responsive design is nothing new, and its nothing more than “responsible” device-independent design. Of course you built your applications and web sites in the past to fit the form-factor viewport. This shouldn’t be nothing new or trivial to an experienced professional. It is merely “fluid-layout” and “media-scaling” methods that fits the UI to whatever the wrapper is set to or the screen-size the content is viewed on. Continue Reading →

27. January 2013 by dmustafic
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If iPad was running Windows 8, what a device it would be

As an forever Apple fanboy who gets two of everything, I have to admit the chemistry between me and the mothership is fading fast. Maybe I’m all grown up now and my expectations from a handheld device exceed linking my friends memes.

As we create more and more apps for other mobile OS’ I keep noticing more and more shortcomings of iOS that the Cupertino manufacturer is purposely neglecting, things like – Multitasking.

Android was the champion at this, and God bless them; they try their best. Windows Phone also came out of the box multitasking, and did not consume resources (read: battery life) as much as android does (is today). Continue Reading →

12. January 2013 by dmustafic
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appaccelerator v.s. phonegap

PhoneGap is a web-app that runs in a native web browser view. It lets us utilize HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as front-end UI frameworks, like jQuery Mobile, Sencha, etc.

Appcelerator is pure JavaScript that compiles to native code. PhoneGap supports more platforms but Appcelerator may give us better performance in specific instances, i.e. Animations… Continue Reading →

12. January 2013 by dmustafic
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Verizon – a tradeoff network for iPhone

Verizon officially announced today that the rumors of iPhone coming to their CDMA network are true. After some back-and-forth bashing between the AT&T and Verizon over whose network is better and faster a question from the Q&A session finally put this battle to rest. Continue Reading →

12. January 2013 by dmustafic
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What does 4G mean to you?

We all anxiously await the 4G to come out, but what does that really mean? Some providers claim that they already have it, but what is really the truth?

The 4 Generation cellular wireless standard or 4G is does not mean that you will be able to use your phone to teleport to another dimension or that it will heat up your lunch or jump-start your car. It does however mean a significant increase in data speed, not necessary the voice quality. A 4G system is expected to provide comprehensive all-IP based mobile broadband for smartphones laptops and wireless modems. Continue Reading →

12. January 2013 by dmustafic
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Quick and dirty native mobile apps

BlackBerry OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, Simbian, Java, C, C#, Objective C… Argh! My head is spinning. Who’s got the time today to learn all this? Mobile developer is the most un-respected calling today. I’m sure you have approached a client or a boss with a killer iPhone app idea, and then faced with a question: Does it work on BlackBerry? Continue Reading →

12. January 2013 by dmustafic
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